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Treasure Cove Metal Detectors

Treasure Cove TC-3020 Metal Detector Review

Treasure Cove TC-3020 Metal Detector

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The Treasure Cove TC-3020 Metal Detector has the ability to detect a US quarter that is buried up to 15 cm or about 6 inches deep. It has a digital display that helpfully tells you the type of object that you found, with three distinctive alerts for different types of metal. It includes a durable carrying case and pail, making it easier and more convenient to bring around. It has a ferrous or non-ferrous discriminator that sort out steel from iron, and silver from gold. Its view meter and pointer also have ferrous and non-ferrous indicator lights to make sorting them out a lot easier. It uses a one-touch auto tune and has a very low frequency design for accurate detection. It has ground control that tunes out false signals …Continue to Read Full Review

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