The Gold Digger GC-1036 Metal Detector has a new and improved design that makes it even more convenient to use, and gives it better performance. Its viewmeter display shows only metals that are detected, helping you eliminate trash. It is completely lightweight, making it easy to use and bring anywhere. At only 1 ? lbs and with an armrest and a special handle, you can use it for no matter how long you want without getting tired or weighed down. It uses a 7? submersible coil that shows you where the treasure is accurately, with a non-motion detection mode that makes it easier to use. It has an adjustable tuning for improved accuracy, with sensitivity that can detect large items at up to 3 feet deep and quarters at up to 4 ?? deep. It has discrimination between iron and other materials, helping you sort out the trash and the treasures. It has a low battery indicator that warns you when it is time to replace your batteries, and a headphone jack that would let you hear signals better, and let you search in peace.

Gold Digger GC-1036 Metal Detector

Gold Digger GC-1036 Metal Detector Features and Specifications

  • Improved design
  • Viewmeter display
  • Ultra lightweight at only 1 ? lbs
  • Ergonomic design
  • Has armrest and special handle
  • 7? submersible coil
  • Non-motion detection mode
  • Adjustable tuning for enhanced accuracy
  • Sensitivity that detects large items up to 3 feet down, and a quarter at up to 4 3/4″ deep
  • Discrimination between ferrous and non-ferrous materials
  • Low battery indicator
  • Headphone jack
  • Dimensions: 43? x 7.5? x 9?


Gold Digger GC-1036 Metal Detector Customer Reviews and Ratings

Probably the greatest thing about the Gold Digger GC-1036 Metal Detector is its price, which is one of the reasons why people consider it in the first place. It is okay for kids and hobbyists who will be quite happy finding a few stuff around the lawn, but it is not exactly something that you could use to earn some money.

Setting it up is okay and knowing how to use it is something that can easily be figured out if you have had some experience in using similar metal detectors before. However, first timers could have a little problem in that department, especially since a lot of its users have complained about the manual not being part of the package.

As far as searching for things is concerned, searching for small objects can be very easy. However, searching for treasures is a different story altogether. It doesn?t really do a good job of separating the trash from the treasure, and a whole day of searching could give you a lot of bottle caps, nails, and other unimportant things. Also, it has yet to prove that it can find anything as deep as what it claims, since most users are able to effectively use it on a surface level such as in grassy areas, but have not really been successful in finding anything beyond that. Click here to read more customer reviews?

All in all, the Gold Digger GC-1036 Metal Detector is great for kids who just want to have fun and would be rather content in finding a few coins, or for hobbyists who just like the thrill of the hunt. For more experienced and professional users though, something more advanced is definitely better, even if it comes at a higher price than this. You can try the Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector or the Bounty Hunter Tracker IV Metal Detector for this purpose, as they have all the features and functions that a serious professional needs.

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