Using the Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector is like having two detectors in one, with the Standard audio mode and the Professional audio mode. It uses high resolution iron discrimination with 40 levels that separate the trash from the real treasures. It has an exclusive DD coil design, with an extended scan area that provides excellent target separation. It also has the Iron Audio feature that recognizes iron targets distinctively with its own audio. It has a higher frequency at 15 KHz that makes locating smaller and thinner targets easier, with a digital target ID that lets you identify one target from another more precisely. You can choose between manual and automatic ground balance, and is very lightweight at only 1.4 kg. It has land headphones included with the package, and is also waterproof at up to 3 meters (with an optional set of water headphones).


Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector Features and Specifications

  • Two detectors in one, with a choice between Standard or Professional audio modes
  • High resolution iron discrimination with 40 levels to separate good targets from trash
  • Exclusive DD coil design for an extended scan area that provides excellent target separation
  • Iron Audio Feature that recognizes iron targets with distinctive audio
  • Higher frequency (15 KHz) for locating smaller, thin targets
  • Digital target ID to precisely identify one target from another
  • Ground balance: manual or automatic
  • Lightweight: 1.4 kg
  • Land headphones included
  • Waterproof to 3 meters (optional waterproof headphones)

Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector

Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector Customer Reviews and Ratings

Users of the Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector all agree that this is probably one of, if not the best metal detectors in the market. A lot of people living near lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water find this especially useful with its capacity of reaching up to 10? in depth. Its big coil lets you reach greater depths, and is not only great for snorkelers, but for land searchers too. It has an informative and responsive display that shows you pretty much everything? that you need, and the load of trash that you dig up is not as much as when you use other detectors. Its ability to switch between standard and professional modes is also very convenient, and with its professional mode allowing you to find out almost accurately what?s down there with quality audio. Its custom mode helps you save some time by saving the last setting you used so that you wouldn?t have to configure it again when you turn it on. The stereo land headphones are easy to use, and comes with an adjustable volume.

It would have been a lot better if the waterproof headphones came with the package though, since the best feature that this particular detector has is the depth that it reaches. A good set of backlights could have also been very helpful, as reading the information on the screen is so hard especially if you?re the type who wouldn?t quit that easily. Click here to read more customer reviews?

But those two points are easily dealt with, especially if you consider the fact that this is still the best dual machine you can find in the market in this price range. Getting a separate set of waterproof headphones and a flashlight can be quickly earned back with the accuracy at which the Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector looks for treasures.

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