The American Hawks Explorer Metal Detector is easy to learn, and even easier to use. To make things easier for you, a buzzer goes off from the built in speakers or from the optional headphones, with the strength also displayed to determine the depth and the size of the target. The LED also lights up when it detects metal. It uses a 6.5? waterproof search coil, which makes it ideal for shallow water and for damp grass. It has a shaft that extends from 23? to 34 ??. It also has an adjustable stem to make it easier and more comfortable to use. It has sensitivity adjustment control and easily locates metals like gold, silver, copper, aluminum, platinum and more. It can be set either to detect all kinds of metals, or to distinguish ferrous and non ferrous metals. or easier adjustments, it has three separate knobs for sensitivity, discrimination threshold, and volume control. It also comes with an auto ground balance feature that makes it even easier to use. It is very lightweight at 1.5 lbs, making it easier to transport and bring anywhere, and is also easy to store when not in use. It uses one 9-volt battery to power it up.

American Hawks Explorer Metal Detector

American Hawks Explorer Metal Detector Features and Specifications

  • Easy operation
  • Simple to learn
  • Buzzer sounds and LED lights up when metal is detected
  • 6.5 inch waterproof search coil
  • Sensitivity: >8
  • Shaft extends from 23? to 34 ??
  • Adjustable stem for comfortable use
  • Sensitivity adjustment control
  • Locates gold, silver, copper, aluminum, platinum, and more
  • Very lightweight at only 1.5 lbs
  • Power: one 9 volt battery
  • Option between detecting all metals or motion discrimination to distinguish ferrous and nonferrous materials
  • Three adjusting knobs for sensitivity, discrimination threshold and volume control
  • Signal strength meter determines target depth and size
  • Auto ground balance feature


American Hawks Explorer Metal Detector Customer Reviews and Ratings

For a very low price, it?s great that the American Hawks Explorer Metal Detector already comes with a lot of very helpful accessories like a pair of headphones and the bag. It also has a very strong signal that makes it easier to look for things.

Although it does pick up a lot of metal, users find it difficult to dial in and avoid trash. It also helps that it is adjustable, however, the adjustment might still not be our ideal height, and you would end up having to bend a little to search for things. The shaft also falls off easily, and would have to be secured with duct tape, or anything else you can use to keep the whole thing together. Click here to read more customer reviews?

Basically, the American Hawks Explorer Metal Detector could work for a child, or for people of short or average height.? For taller people though, this could literally break your back. This is perfect as a toy, or for recreational use. If you want something more serious though, and something that is more durable and accurate, you could try getting a Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector instead, which has all the features and functions that a professional metal detector needs.

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